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KenH1967 kenh1967 at gmail.com
Wed May 14 19:38:27 CEST 2014

In the case that anyone is interested:

I've searched through the history of this forum and see that there are
several threads discussing this issue over the years.  Most seem focused
on live play, not PBeM.  I am personally focused on coming up with a way
to validate dice rolls via a 3rd party dice roller during PBeM logs. 
However, I have not found anything focused on this issue, nor any
solutions.  I get the idea, though, that this is not a quick fix or even
possible without major programming intervention...  (btw, I am fairly
clueless when it comes to Java)

The only hope that I have is to learn from the old extension called,
"Webdice" (can be found here:  http://vasl.info/extensions.htm[1])

When I run it within the Advanced Squad Leader module (VASL), and after
typing "test" into the chat window then hitting the webdice button, this
is what I get:

 - Roll sent to Bones Dice Server
 - Emailing ken at gmail.com[2] (Subject:  test)
- Internet dice roll attempt test failed.

So, it is trying to connect to the internet.  And, it somehow knows my
email address (ken at gmail.com[3] isn't my real one-- I changed it for
this post).  It also grabs the text out of the chat window perfectly.  I
just need to figure out how to modify the internet address that it is
trying to connect to, assuming the "Bones Dice Server" is no longer

Will keep learning as I go.  If anyone can give me some pointers or
feedback, much appreciated.


[1] http://vasl.info/extensions.htm
[2] mailto:ken at gmail.com
[3] mailto:ken at gmail.com

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