[messages] [Module Design] Easy way to hover over a piece and have it display another?

nico22 nicodelamuerte at gmail.com
Wed May 14 21:55:00 CEST 2014

I found a partial solution to the problem with the Quarriors module.
Unfortunately this only works for a card placed on the main board and
will no longer be moved. The method is to use a trait "Place marker"
with a property in just mouse over for the show Placed marker (look in
the module Quarriors). To view a larger than the original image piece,
place a background image with a layer between the original piece and the
Placed marker (and the same marker as the original piece; OnTop = Yes in
quarriors). This solution is really hack but it works for some games ...
I hope this tip will help you. 

 However, I also looking for a trick to display a different image with
the mouse-over of a piece. Or develloper to create a class (a new trait:
mouse-over diplay ...). Thank you all for the help you can provide.

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