[messages] [Module Design] Moving all pieces from one board to another?

dsdhornet david.a.fenton at gmail.com
Thu May 15 01:44:39 CEST 2014

For copying to a board, you should be able to send to a specific
location on the new board.  If you set that location equal to
$currentLocation$ (or something like that), you should be able to change
the board and send to the same hex coordinate (make sure your hex
coordinates are the same on all boards).

To my knowledge, hex grid sizes/offsets are directly related to map
pixels.  If you want your hexes to have the same size, you need to
resize the map image as well (to have it match up).  

Hexes at this point have no inherent properties.  You can fake it by
using a multi-zone grid and having each terrain zone have a property
that can be read.  Or a separate grip piece in each hex.  

Not sure how you would set this in the 'send-to' board other than having
a piece in every hex and setting that value.  You could use an at-start
stack in every hex, but if you're going to this difficulty, you might as
well do it once, then copy the board to the sending board.  Otherwise
you might be able to construct a set of traits (via custom class or
creative trait setting) in a 'dummy' counter that would place a terrain
piece in every hex automatically and (optionally) randomly set the

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