[messages] [Developers] Preliminary work for Android Port - trial + test

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun May 18 12:45:05 CEST 2014

Thus spake Starman:
> I missed this post , I would be happy to assist in testing.
> I have alot of vassal experience and even more systems/programming
> experience. 
> I have written and contributed to many modules as well as vassal code
> add ons. 
> I have not been overly active the last 3-4 years(apart from Python)  , I
> switched careers back to Engineering after 30+ in IT.
>  I am sure it will come flooding back. 
> Hopefully you haven't given up.

George didn't give up, but sadly he unexpectedly died last year. This
also means that the OCS modules have no maintainer at the moment, so
far as I know.


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