[messages] [Module Design] Sword of Rome (GMT) - Planning 5 Player Rework

comdotski treade at optusnet.com.au
Mon May 19 11:39:49 CEST 2014

A quick update on progress ...

The Decks are now complete, and all card management for the 5P game is
done including:

- 5 Decks and 5 hands for each player (private)
- At Start Stacks for Desperate Times Cards in each Hand
- Standard multi and specific card selection for Drag and drop from
decks to hands
- Command driven menu for play of cards to map area with auto reporting
and send to location
- Context sensitive Command Restrictions, e.g. Plebeian Event cannot be
played after Licinian-Sextian Laws Event played, Reinforcement only
allowed for 3 Ops value card, etc
- Out of sequence cards, i.e. Response, Bribes, etc played to alternate
space on map, again automatically
- At switch of active player or end of action rounds (driven by turn
counter), cards sent to appropriate discard or remove pile automatically
- At end of turn (driven by turn counter) a discard pile with a
Reshuffle Card is sent to the appropriate deck
- SPECIAL (Neutral Power Activates) Cards automatically set the
indicators for Power Activated/Unrest Track Increased, and disables
further activation by NPA card play - resets each action round start

Now working on making sure all the events for each of the cards that can
reasonably be automated is automated (e.g. Event Markers, leaders and
reinforcement placed on the map).

Many features possible, just have to decide how far to take it - pushing
the envelope now I think!

Near horizon activities include the unit counters themselves, and
completing the implementation of the 'space' behaviour (PC and Loyalty
markers - nothing to do with 'Ground Control to Major Tom!').

The end is in sight, but a lot of ground to cover yet.

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