[messages] [Module Design] Can you count pieces in a zone?

Rindis rindis at backbreaker.com
Sat May 24 06:28:20 CEST 2014

Well, I looked over the sample module. Tried adapting it to my module...
and can't get it to work. :(

Here's my current module:

There is a second map window: Klingon Home Fleet. There is a counter
that represents the contents of that window on the map (Ships & Units >
Klingons > Markers > Fleets). The stack viewer is set up to report a
bunch of information when hovering over units on the main map (use
anything in the Klingon section other than the one counter under 'Fast
Ships' to test) . The goal is to get the fleet counter to report in the
stack viewer the stats of everything contained in that map.

Right now, I'm just testing with the second statistic listed: SE (all
the others will correctly give a '?' when you hover over the fleet
marker). There is a global property set up for this (KHFSE), and the
fleet marker's 'SE' value is set to that. If I change the global
property's base value, the marker's reporting follows suit, so I know
that part is working.

In the 'Ship' prototype I've set up a couple of traits that should
adjust the SE value when moving a ship into the map. But I can't get
that part to work. Can someone tell me what I've missed?

[1] http://www.rindis.com/F&E%202.0.vmod

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