[messages] [Module Design] Independent, Non-linear UNDOs

Charles McLellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Thu May 29 04:19:38 CEST 2014

Just thought that some might be interested in the progress so far. The
majority of the time between the last entry and this was taken in
modifying the ADC2 TRC4 module. Although the map graphics are not the
best, I wasn't responsible totally for the map -- my only contribution
was the time track. I worked primarily on the counters and a "How to
Play TRC" in ADC2. The counters themselves were essentially copies of
those developed by L2DG. In redoing I just moved the time track and
off-map boxes to the left side of the map preparing the way for the
addition of the southern expansion. The counter set now includes the few
additional counters for that expansion. I made some charts as those were
omitted from the original ADC2 module.

Importing the module from ADC2 was, thanks to Michael Kiefte, very easy.

I have added the Return to Start feature and in works magnificently.
Many thanks to Joel Koepp and particularly Tim McCarron who spent hours
trying to guide and show me how to accomplish these non-linear UNDOs.

There is one minor problem that I have to tackle with the UNDOs. A unit
removed from the Tray or Deck does not know where to return to.
Consequently, whenever a unit is taken from the Tray, the End Move
button needs to be pressed. By the way, the button's name has been
changed to End Impulse Move (Terminate Impulse Movement). 

To complete the VASSAL module there are a few things that still need to
1. Allow one of four partially transparent overlays to be attached to a
unit and collectively removed at the end of impulse/turn.
2. Set-up several separate trays for replacements and air units. 
Both of theses are done by the WGA's trc module so it shouldn't be

Reading several sections of the VASSAL Module Design manual. Still a
very difficult read for me.

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