[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Vassal Displays Wrong Module And Vassal Version Numbers

SpecterFan110557 travellerfan at rochester.rr.com
Tue Sep 2 11:15:13 CEST 2014

This is the first time posting here. But after careful consideration on
my part, I think this is the right spot. It seems more technical than
module-related in nature.

This is my problem. It may be nothing more than an annoyance but I'd
like to know....

I launch __Vassal__, version ___3.2.13___ (I have ver 3.2.11 just in
case). I click on "_File_" and "_Open Module_". Open folder for module
"___1.7.1 - Base Game (without decks)___". (NOTE: This is important
because I want to be able to add on extensions.) I click on
"_Arkham_Horror_FFG.vmod_" and "_Open_". A small window labeled
"_Processing Image Tiles_" opens and performs its job. A much larger
"Welcome" window opens offering three modes of play to choose from. I
select "_Start new game offline_", click on "_Next_", choose Solo from
the Drop-down list, and click on "_Finish_". A 2-part window opens
labeled "__Arkham Horror controls__". The upper portion consists of the 
controls and the lower portion is the game board.

At this point there are two open windows pertaining to Vassal - one is
labeled: "__VASSAL__" and the other is labeled: "__Arkham Horror

Here's my problem (Maybe it's really only question?):

In the "Module Library" window, under "__Module__" it reads "__Arkham
Horror__". Under "__Module Version__" it reads "___1.5.2___" (I tried to
load this module earlier to see if it would make a difference. It did
not. I "Quit" the game and "Removed" the module. No difference.)
Under"__VASSAL Version__" it reads: "___3.1.14___". Under
"_Description_" it reads: "_Arkham Horror by FFG_".

Is this a problem? Am I worrying over nothing? Is this a minor bug?
What's going on here? I would greatly appreciate an explanation. Being
more or less still a "newbie" of sorts I would like to know what is
going on and whether I have something to be concerned about or not.

PC Info
Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1
64-bit OS 
Vassal 3.2.13 installed at:
	C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\Vassal-3.2.13
Modules installed at:

Module: Arkham Horror
File Info
          1.7.1 - Jan 10th 2013  

          Base Game (without decks)

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