[messages] [Opponents Wanted] Kingmaker ... Anyone?

Stiglr allendkrsn at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 7 02:28:18 CEST 2014

Got the updated (regressed?) board module version; cheers.  Any subtle
changes I might notice that affect play?

I also fiddled around a bit with the game offline in the mean time. One
thing I found very frustrating was my inability to consistently control
stacks of Crown Cards. It is always best to observe the order, with
Noble/Title/Office/Religious Post/ and then whatever mix of towns
controlled, ships owned, mercenaries and the like.  But, as I tried to
tuck cards in specific orders, I got sometimes frustrating results.
Cards would NOT go under the cards I wanted them to at times (and it was
not because I was, say, trying to place a title card under an already
titled noble.)  Are there any keystrokes or methods used for stacking? 
Is a mouse completely necessary (as I sometimes try to just use a laptop
with a 2-button finger pad, minus a scrolling wheel).  I've had similar
issues managing stacks of unit counters in other VASSAL modules.

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