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Morgoth wmg at arranwargamesclub.net
Sun Sep 7 08:37:45 CEST 2014

Hi Stiglr

Thanks for ur feedback.  "__Subtle changes__" ... that's what I'm not
sure about between the various (5!) versions. If we use BGG as a point
of ref ...

>>> http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/987/kingmaker[1] (scroll down
to Versions)

... you will see my version is the original box (1974 version by Ariel
Games) and I'm not to clued up on what the differences between the rules
& boards are? One obvious diff between mine and the newer board was the
design of the ports, which gave ships better passage out to sea. Also,
Preston port (C 2/3) was missing.

An example of this is that if you where docked at Swansea (E/F 2) on my
board, the port is clearly marked as being connected to the body of sea
south of it, so u could goto that sea square straight away, but on the
other board, you couldn't ... so ships suffered extra movements!

All I can say to players is look closely at your own boards and compare
against the one I've posted and I'll physically edit anything you think
is not right, thanks.

__Card stack control & order__: Yeah, it did take me a good while to get
a basic understanding of this, including moving them about, and as you
say, should be automatically sorted in correct order when under a lord. 
My understanding of this order (and the way we both play it [_OCD
anyone!_] ) should be ...

>>> Lord (Top Card)
>>> Title (If Lord has none!)
>>> Office
>>> All the rest (usually any order, I think ... bishops, towns, ships,
merc's ... anything else?)

... based on odd games we've recently had.  I'll double check later in
the day.  

I'm not to clued up on Vassal Modules in general, but I work in IT and
like a challenge, so I'll look into sorting orders and see what I come
back with.  I know u can set commands against the Function Keys (F1 -
F12), maybe that would be the way to go for a quick sort within a set of
cards that are selected?  I'll look into it and get back you.

Like i said, Me & Shaun78 are looking for players to commit to the days
above ... interested?


[1] http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/987/kingmaker

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