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Sun Sep 7 23:43:16 CEST 2014

"Stiglr" wrote:
> I also fiddled around a bit with the game offline in the mean time.
> One thing I found very frustrating was my inability to consistently
> control stacks of Crown Cards. It is always best to observe the order,
> with Noble/Title/Office/Religious Post/ and then whatever mix of towns
> controlled, ships owned, mercenaries and the like.  But, as I tried to
> tuck cards in specific orders, I got sometimes frustrating results.
> Cards would NOT go under the cards I wanted them to at times (and it
> was not because I was, say, trying to place a title card under an
> already titled noble.)  Are there any keystrokes or methods used for
> stacking?  Is a mouse completely necessary (as I sometimes try to just
> use a laptop with a 2-button finger pad, minus a scrolling wheel). 
> I've had similar issues managing stacks of unit counters in other
> VASSAL modules.

If you double click on the stack of Crown Cards, the stack will "expand"
vertically. This makes reordering of cards a little easier. You can grab
a card with the mouse and move it up or down. If this is still
problematic, you can always take out of your stack the cards you want to
place near the top, and then pick them up and drop them back on top in
the desired order. That might be a little easier.

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