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Mon Sep 8 00:08:42 CEST 2014

"Morgoth" wrote:
> I only know the rules that came with my 1974 rules, and whilst playing
> online before, the chap mentioned using the Plantagenet(?) card ... I
> didn't have a clue what he was talking about! :) So yes, we do need to
> look & agree rules & cards that can come into play ... as u say
> Treachery, King's pardon, Assassination, etc ... all of which I've no
> idea how they play.
> ....
> I need to have a look at BGG and see what rules they have about the
> place ... I'm sure we could abbreviate them onto a Quick-Play-Sheet
> ... Walts

I looked at Kingmaker Variants when I wrote the original module. There
is a whole lot of Variant material out there. In the end I stuck with
the official stuff from Avalon Hill, but I kept all the Variant cards in
a separate stack so they can be excluded. Page 41 of The General Volume
20 #4 contains the details. There was another 2 page article from The
Gernal which talks about more Variants. I think it is from Volume 14 but
I can't find the specific magazine. I have both articles in a single pdf
file and I'd be happy to email anyone who wants it.

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