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banjopicker stephenwallace at wirephoto.com
Tue Sep 16 07:08:24 CEST 2014

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I am a longtime user of a previous version of Vassal and Memoir 44 but
have been on a long hiatus.  I just installed the most recent official
releases of Memoir and Vassal, and it is loading up fine. My problem is
that when I open a scenario, much of the map has a transparent pink
layer over it. It is still playable, but very distracting. How can I get
rid of it? I also tried the latest SVN and also downgrading to 3.2.12,
but the result is the same.

Vassal 3.2.13
Memoir '44 module v 10.9
Java version 6 update 45
Windows 8.1


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