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Charles McLellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Thu Sep 18 23:03:18 CEST 2014

I am having a terrible time trying to figure out how to make an
extension. I have read and re-read pages 106-108 of the Module Makers
manual, but simply cannot figure out what to do.

In the Creating Module Extensions introduction, it says, "You should be
familiar with creating and editing modules before attempting to create
or edit an extension." Well, I have never really created a module; I
have only imported modules. I can only create a module in ADC2 but have
no idea how to go about actually making a VASSAL module. I have
extensively "edited" VASSAL modules, but cannot "create" one.

I started by importing the module that I am going to make the extension
(say module B) because it has extra pieces and an larger map that
contains the original. I then extensively modified the module B to the
configuration that I wanted. In the VASSAL module manager, I right
clicked on module B and click New Extension. All elements of module B
were grayed out. I "Saved As..." the module with a ".vmdx" suffix
(module BX). 

I next imported what I wanted as the base module (say Module A). Rather
than extensively modifying the module A (opened in module editor), I
attempted to "Copy" elements from module B (opened in module editor),
but I could not Paste (it was grayed out) to module A. 

So, problem  1. How can one copy and paste from one module to another.
It took several weeks to extensively modify module B. I didn't think
that I would have to extensively modify module A. I thought that I could
just copy and paste elements, but apparently that is not the case. Why?

Question 1: What am I doing wrong? Is it not possible to copy and past
from one module to another?

In the VASSAL module manager, I did right click on module A and clicked
Add Extension.... I then clicked on Module BX. Under Module A in the
Module Manger, an extension was added with little gear or something
followed my the module name. Right clicking the "extension," an "Edit
Extension" option was shown. I clicked it, but the after a time, a Java
"Module Load Failed" window opened.

End of issue.

So, how exactly does one make (create) an extension?

How does one get to the "Extension Editor"?

I need the step by step details that are not in the manual.

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