[messages] [Opponents Wanted] Kingmaker ... Oct 3rd or 4th?

Morgoth wmg at arranwargamesclub.net
Sun Sep 21 12:46:51 CEST 2014

So, been ridiculously busy over the past few weeks, so finally getting
back to looking at what's been happening here, with some comments from
myself ...

Proposed game times (I'm in the UK = GMT) ...

   Friday, 3rd Oct (GMT 8pm onwards)
   Sat, 4th Oct (GMT Anytime!)

___Some comments so far___ ...

"Stiglr" wrote:
> Also, it seems your custom vmod uses all the variant cards, correct?

As far as I'm aware, none of the cards are added when the game starts. 
You can then go to the "Optional Cards & Pieces [F7]" and add the
various Advanced Crown & Event cards, including Expansions and
everything else that's came out over the years.

__I think for the first game, we should keep it as simple as possible to
see how long the game plays?__ I'm not sure how familier players are
with their controls, the game in general and how long a game will play. 
I'm happy to add rules which will speed up the game but not detract from
the gameplay, making one player more powerful than others. 

With Stiglr list of rules in mind from a previous posting, I've added
some thoughts ...


• The 2nd edition (1981) rulebook, cards and map will be used. The
only differences from the 1st edition (1976) are three important map
changes ... __OK with these__
• Optional Rules being used: 
>>> Initial Placement ... __OK__
>>> Commission ... __What is this?__
>>> Ambush ... __OK, using Cards__
>>> Bishop Cards, Optional Parliament, Return from Parliament and
Alliance ... __What rules are these?__

• Advanced Rules being used: Components, Prepare for Play, use of
Edmund of Rutland and the Nobles Killed Table ... __I would rather
ignore these for the first game.__

... more to follow! _Still reading across BGG_ ...


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