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Charles McLellan cgmclellan2000 at knology.net
Mon Sep 22 16:48:08 CEST 2014

> you can manually edit the build file. I use Notepad++ when I do that.

Scary! I guess that I can try that.

What is "Notepad++"? I have a "Notepad" that came with Windows 7, but
what does the "++" mean?

> Building an extension is just like building a module.... You should
> work through the tutorial in back of the Design Guide....

I assume that you are referring to the Module Designer's Guide (VASSAL
3.1 Designer's Guide). I read through the tutorial but that didn't even
show how to finish making a VASSAL module. It showed how to begin a
module and the components of a module, but not how to end making a
module. I mean shouldn't the instruction end with something as a "vmod"?
Perhaps that is supposed to be "understood."

Then I want to make an "extension", not a "module." So, how do I begin?

> ...apart from the obvious relativity.

I am afraid that the relativity is not obvious to me. Can you explain
better how to start making (and ending) an extension?

I have imported a number of ADC2 modules to VASSAL (VASSAL module
manager / File / Import Module...), and then after saving the Imported
ADC2 ".ops" file as a "vmod," modified (Edit Module) the module. So, I
am familiar with editing a module and the components of a module. I have
never made a VASSAL module from scratch and have no idea how to make an
Extension from scratch.

Please help.

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