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Tue Sep 23 16:54:41 CEST 2014

> What is "Notepad++"?

Notepad++ is a text editor, like Notepad. It just works much better.

> ...but not how to end making a module. I mean shouldn't the
> instruction end with something as a "vmod"?

It is sort of a you are when you're done thing. A module "works"
(presuming it doesn't crash) regardless of its "completeness'. The
engine doesn't care about the extension. .vmod is more of a human
reference thing, Vassal modules are zip files, and Java doesn't care
about extensions. I make the modules I am working on .zip, so I can
break into them with Windows Exporer (actually I use Free Commander more

>  I want to make an "extension", not a "module." So, how do I begin?

The relativity should become obvious once you start, so let's start.
First you need a module in the main window. If you don't have one yet,
just get something that looks interesting. Now that you have a module,
right click on the entry and choose New Extension. The module will
unpack and the editor window will open. Everything in the original
module will be grayed out. You can add whatever you want, where ever you
want. You just can't take anything out of the original module. Such as
you cannot remove a deck from a game, but you could add more cards.

If you dig into the build file the biggest difference you will see is
that the section headers are going to be
</VASSAL.build.module.ExtensionElement>, not

Good luck, remember to work from a copy.

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