[messages] [Module Design] Modifying drop down menu for units St Nazaire

maddmykie ultsold9 at aol.com
Thu Sep 25 01:27:04 CEST 2014

I'm new to VASSAL. I'm trying to play the VASSAL module Raid on St.
Nazaire.  In the game the British player can fire at German Guns and
Searchlights.  This can result in a Disrupted or Out of Action result. 
In the boardgame there are Disrupted/Out of Action counters you place on
the Gun or Searchlight as needed.  In the VASSAL module you can access
the drop down menu for the Searchlights and click on Disrupt/Out of
Action and it adds :?:  this counter.  However the guns, which should
also have this option, do not.  How do I add this option to the German
Gun counters?  Although I don't know what I'm doing I accessed the game
editing function and located the German Gun and Searchlight counters.  I
checked the attributes and saw that the Searchlight counters have
something called LAYERS while the Gun counters do not.  I suspect this
is where I need to make the required change, but I don't know how to
proceed.  Can any of you Grognards and/or VASSAL geeks help me out?

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