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Wed Apr 1 08:49:19 CEST 2015


We are playing a game of It Never Snows. This is about our 3rd game. My
friend was recording his move when about halfway through he had to use
the UNDO button a few times to return some pieces to an earlier
location. Some problem occurred (glitch?) and when we play back to the
log file, a bunch of pieces end up in a big stack in one hex and the
pieces he saw clustered around my pieces making attacks are not there.
Funny thing is, if we play the log file forward and then try to "UNDO"
after the UNDO steps have been played back, the pieces will NOT return
to their original place. The log file is obviously mucked up from this
point and cannot be rewound.

I've attached a copy of the log file. My friend is using the latest copy
of Vassal.

Kind regards,
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