[messages] [Module Support] Pre-baked dice ROLLS and card draws for pbem, just 1989?

Itsastickup vassalengine.lorriman at spamgourmet.org
Wed Apr 1 22:49:56 CEST 2015

Hi folks,

I'm wondering if this is a general pbem problem, not just 1989.

I'm new to VASSAL. I'm playing my first game of 1989 Dawn of Freedom
(successor to Twilight Struggle) pbem with a buddy.

I screwed up and decided to restart by a reload of the emailed log, but
the result was a different die roll. This suggests that I could simply
keep doing that until I got a six.

Seem like the strategy card draws do the same. Different each time. 

I don't cheat but I do feel the quite unpleasant tension of the
knowledge that I could. In a really tight spot that tension is going to
be quite horrible. And it's not play tension; there's no benefit to it.
Also, my opponent could cheat.

I would be very happy if there was an option to pre-generate rolls and
card distributions for those who would prefer that. Anything can be
hacked, of course, but at least it would make things jolly difficult for
people silly enough (or proud enough) to want to cheat.

Programmatically it's simple to pre generate using a different seed
(itself from a randomiser). A small amount of refactoring would be
needed. But I don't know Java.

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