[messages] [Module Support] Pre-baked dice ROLLS and card draws for pbem, just 1989?

Itsastickup vassalengine.lorriman at spamgourmet.org
Fri Apr 3 17:52:36 CEST 2015

Well, I wasn't thinking that security was so much an issue, after all
there is the encryption. It's merely a matter of being too bothersome
for anyone to hack which is already the case, no? A hindrance, just as a
house with a locked door is less likely to be robbed than a house with
an open door. Or at least, I would have assumed that accessing/changing
the die roll would be inordinately more awkward if done programmatically
than just reloading a module. 

(A traditional deterministic random number generator just needs the
previous die roll and seed, so maybe prebaking is the wrong way to put
it. It's only the initial seed that needs a non-deterministic source).

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