[messages] [Module General Discussion] SPI materials in hands of a copyright troll ?

panther 2010 ares_ubris at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 9 15:17:04 CEST 2015

The question regarding the copyright on the old SPI games is

I don’t know who currently holds, in part or entirely the copyrights
of such games. 

In any case, _no one_ can prevent a gamer who has purchased a game in
the good old
times of SPI to create a Vassal Module for this game for "personal use"

What is (for now) not allowed is uploading such a module in the Module
section of Vassal site.

Well,  I am currently working on a Vassal module for SPI game CENTURION
published in issue #25 of the magazine S&T. 
When this module will be completed, in order to respect the actual
Vassal policy about copyrights, I will not upload this module in the
Module section, but send instead an ad in the sections devoted to this
game at Boargamegeek and Comsimworld forums.
Player eventually interested in that module, will receive the module
simply asking for it to me via email.



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