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When S709G with butyl xanthate and butyl aerofloat mixed use, flotation
poor. Application modifier indicators did not improve. So there is no
longer such a collector and then tested. Adding to the pulp butyl
aerofloat can not guarantee access to higher copper and zinc recovery.
When first mixed Aerophine3418A and foaming agent T-80 (6 + 6g / t),
then each add-butyl xanthate (each 10g / t) in the third and fourth
operations, mixing copper and zinc concentrate recovery rates were 924%
and 926%, respectively, mixed copper and zinc concentrate grade was 627%
and 715%. Under optimal conditions, with Aerophine3418A and frother T-80
and hybrid applications and butyl black butyl xanthate drug test results
as shown.
It can be seen, in front of the flotation, the use Aerophine3418A can
improve selectivity while obtaining high metal recoveries. Copper and
zinc tested two processes to separate mixed concentrate obtained: 1)
direct separation flotation concentrate mix, first obtain the copper
concentrate, copper and zinc rougher concentrate removal and removal of
iron, zinc refined to get qualified pyrite ore and copper concentrate,
which merged with the copper concentrate; 2) in lime concentrate mixed
media selection, will enter the mixed concentrate most of the pyrite
tailings isolated, Then the obtained copper - zinc mixed concentrate
flotation separation of copper sulfide and pyrite concentrates, namely
foam products for copper concentrate, zinc concentrate and bath
products. WUQIA Lin Sike concentrator uses the first sorting process ore
containing 25% Zn, and Kay Trask concentrator flow process using a
second containing 05% 15% Zn ore.
Crude zinc concentrate is a selection of copper - zinc mixed concentrate
direct flotation separation process as shown in the test. When studying
WUQIA Lin Sike Ore Deposits and Sand Making Machine[1] is to use this
process. This process includes twice with sodium sulfide and charcoal
from the mixed copper - zinc concentrate and copper sulfide minerals in
the rougher concentrate flotation surface desorption. After the first
desorption, mixed concentrate regrinding, copper flotation circuit with
the sodium sulfide, zinc sulfate and sulfur oxides modifiers inhibit
sphalerite and pyrite, the application of copper sulfate and zinc
flotation circuits butyl xanthate.
Copper - zinc mixed concentrate direct flotation separation process
closed test results are shown. As can be seen from the data in the
table, copper and copper with butyl xanthate black drug test grade
obtained in 2008% zinc content of 671%, 4322% recovery of copper. Copper
pyrite Products 1363% copper, zinc 949%, 1832% copper recovery of the
total copper concentrate grade of 176% copper and zinc content of 778%,
6154% copper recovery for the loss of zinc in the total copper
concentrate rate of 243%. zinc concentrate zinc grade of 451%, 475%
recovery of zinc.
Compared with using butyl xanthate and butyl aerofloat flotation and
copper flotation test, the test with Aerophine3418A, butyl xanthate and
butyl aerofloat mixed mixed flotation collectors and flotation of copper
The total copper recovery of copper concentrates obtained 666% increase,
of which 089% of the zinc content decreased zinc concentrate grade
increased by 1% zinc, zinc recovery rate of 125%.
Conclusion  copper deposits in Gdansk - zinc ores containing 15% Cu,
which accounted for 296% of secondary copper, copper oxide and 68% of
industrial production company with CYTEC Aerophine3418A and
international pharmaceutical company producing a mineral collector and
S703G. sulfur oxides modifier of the ore flotation test

[1] http://gukhwachon.com/product/b-deep-rotor-impact-crusher.html

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