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Stiglr allendkrsn at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 10 18:20:06 CEST 2015

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Hmmm, that seems an  odd "restriction". Especially since other layers
are in play (including identical flip layers) on other prototypes and
they work with no problems.  Still, it could be a design thing, one of
those odd unexplainable artifacts (like layers in the list in the Editor
showing up on the pieces in the REVERSE order)

I've been considering just chalking it up to some odd corruption in the
piece prototype and just deleting it and starting over... but having to
RE-create all the Layers submenus and attributes seems to be begging for
the introduction of *more* error.  Maybe, I'll start with killing that
*one layer* in that one prototype and see if that won't solve the issue
(although I'm sure I've already tried that, since it's the easiest

Something else just occurred to me: I wonder if the problem might be
that during the creation of all these layers and features (spread out
over months' time) I might have duplicated some keyboard shortcuts in
the commands and it's creating some "collisions" in the code? Not sure
why that would manifest itself by a $PieceName$ disappearing out of ONE
particular layer, but, just thinking out loud.

My biggest confusion is in not being able to see any kind of
alphanumeric editable input relative to the piece name in the Layer
editing screen itself. The only thing visible and editable are the "is
prefix" and "is suffix" buttons.

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