[messages] [Module General Discussion] SPI materials in hands of a copyright troll ?

Tim M timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 10 19:24:56 CEST 2015

"panther 2010" wrote:
> Well, at this point, I have a single, very simple question to ask the
> moderator of this forum.
> Is it possible, now, to upload a module for any SPI game n the Module 
> section  of the Vassal site?
>  :?: 
> Yea or no ?
> Thank You.

It is as per the restrictions - always has been

http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module ... strictions[1]

__Contact the copyright holder__

Specifically in this case for most of the  SPI titles, that would be
Decision Games,. If they say ok, go ahead and note it was allowed in the
comments for us so we don't remove it, or better yet have DG drop us a
note that they have changed their position w/r/t vassal hosting their
SPI titles. That way we will gladly change our restrictions.

Our last direct contact with them told us we were not allowed to host
SPI titles they hold copyright over and we have heard nothing from them
directly since then that they have changed their position on SPI titles.

[1] http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module_Section_Information#Restrictions

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