[messages] [General Discussion] 2 basic questions from a dabbler

Marcon poutrem at videotron.ca
Sat Apr 18 01:34:37 CEST 2015

As the title implies, I am by no means a serious Vassal user, instead
using it to the best of my knowledge to help playtest my prototypes.

I created cards using a Deck and Cards in it (No kidding, right?)  For
each card, in the Properties of the Basic Piece trait, I used a PNG file
and it worked all right.  Now, I had to edit every PNG file to add some
symbols to them, is there a way to "update" the Cards without having to
open every single one of them and re-selecting the PNG file?

And my second question is about the main board (Indeed a Main Map/Map
Board object).  I again used a PNG file but had the
apparently-not-so-brilliant idea of changing the file name (BoardV2,
BoardV3, etc.).  The file being close to 2 megabytes, I noticed that the
module still loads the previous files even though they are nowhere to be
found in the module.  The net result is that my vmod file got
unnecessarily large.  Is there a way to somewhat clear this cache?


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