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kryzak kryzak at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 22:37:42 CEST 2015


The previous thread (ended on 3/6/2015) about "Heap Size" didn't seem to
have a solution to this, so I'm posting my issue as a new thread
hopefully to get some suggestions for solutions.

I’ve been having this error message (below) every time I load up
VASSAL, even the most recent 3.2.15 version and using the 5.2.3 X-Wing
Miniatures Game Module:

”The maximum heap size stored in your Preferences for this module is
too large. In particular, the maximum heap size must be less than the
amount of physical RAM in your machine. The failsafe initial heap size
of 128MB will be used instead. Please decrease the maximum heap size in
your Preferences, and restart VASSAL.”

My preferences is set at 128 for both fields, and I even uninstalled
VASSAL and reinstalled both the engine and the module, and I’m still
getting this error. I have 8GB of RAM (on Windows 7) and easily have
enough memory for 128MB. This has been causing issues with firing arcs
and movement, where I stop having the ability to see my firing arc
(ships disappear and error messages about memory size pop up 2-3 times
in a row).
I don't understand how my "max heap size" could be "too large" if it's
set to the same value as the "failsafe heap size".  Setting it larger
causes the same issue, even though I have plenty of physical RAM (4 GB
free right now)

Does anyone know if there’s a solution for this or if there’s
something I can do to fix these memory issues?
Thanks everyone!

[1] http://screencast.com/t/rbHNisTHgyB

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