[messages] [Feature Requests] "Unique piece" check box?

Rindis rindis at backbreaker.com
Mon Apr 27 18:54:26 CEST 2015

"Stiglr" wrote:
> I suppose a "piece number limit" field would provide more flexibility
> for a designer.... but leaves open the specter of mistaken multiple
> pieces.  Seems to me, if you're building a module for any printed
> game, pieces are either meant to be unique (unit counters) or are only
> limited by the # of examples provided in the counter mix (strength
> point markers, info chits, etc.).

What mistake are you anticipating? The module designer sets up the
piece, selects the 'restricted number' trait, and tells it how many
there can be.

_F&E_ is once again, somewhat different. As one example, the Federation
can have three CVLs, so there's only three in the counter mix. But if
one is destroyed, they can build a replacement ('fourth') CVL. Which is
why the deck-like functionality occurred to me.

"Stiglr" wrote:
> @joel: About the advice, "Don't add a Clone feature to the piece or
> prototype".  Once in a palette, one can drag any number of examples of
> a piece to the mapboard, _with or without a clone feature built into
> it_.  Same potential for multiple examples would exist.

As long as you can manage the 'at start stack' part of that advice,
that's easy to manage: You can _hide_ a palette, so that the end user
never sees it, and cannot add extra pieces from it.

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