[messages] [Feature Requests] "Unique piece" check box?

Stiglr allendkrsn at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 28 01:58:37 CEST 2015

I think my point is, all of these other solutions are much more
"complex" and involved than having a simple check box on the dialog for
a piece that can be (un)checked at will. No need for stacks, decks,
hidden objects or any of that rot.  A simple box to check for all unique
pieces, and the potential for unlimited examples for the others
(presumably, informational markers, step loss chits, etc.)

The "mistake" I was referring to (and one I've made myself, to my
chagrin, a time or two) is to inadvertently drag multiple examples of a
unique piece onto the map when, for example, setting up a Saved Scenario
file.  If you're doing scenario setup by dragging units from scrollable
lists among units that look similar (and if they're in a scrollable
list, there's a good chance that they're organizationally related and
thus do look alike), it's fairly easy to do. You forget to select a
different unit while going down a list of 10, and drag two copies of
"unit 6" into a stack.  You never notice until you begin play and see,
"hey, there's two of that unit in play!"  Of course, by then, you've
saved your scenario, published your module.... and it's time for

Seems to me the instances where there will be unique pieces will far,
far outstrip those cases where there is a limit <1 but >unlimited, to

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