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Hello, I'm having trouble grokking what should be a pretty straight
forward problem. I'd appreciate a little guidance.

I've added a Game Piece inventory Window to my module that will keep
track of any cards in each player's hand. There are going to be other
game pieces in the Hands but these should not be tracked. I only care
about the cards and I only care about the cards in the Player Hands.

The name of the Player Hands are: West Hand, Axis Hand, Soviet Hand.
Each Card has a marker labeled "CardCount" and is assigned a value of 1.
Other pieces do not have this marker at all.

So, my thinking is I need to make sure to edit the "Show only pieces
matching these properties:" box appropriately and that should pretty
much do it. I currently have: 
{(CurrentMap=~West Hand|Axis Hand|Soviet Hand) && CardCount==1}

in the box and that causes the following error to pop up in the chat

 - Bad Data in Module: Expression evaluation error
Expression={(CurrentMap=~West Hand|Axis Hand|Soviet Hand) &&
CardCount==1}, Error=

I've used the first half of the code before and it worked just fine so
my problem is in evaluating the CardCount marker. Obviously, I'm doing
it wrong. How can I keep track of the cards (ans only the cards) in the
Player Hands?

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