[messages] [Module Design] check boxes indicating a memory leak issue?

Brent Easton b.easton at exemail.com.au
Thu Aug 13 02:11:53 CEST 2015

> Why was it reporting a couple thousand unchecked boxes when the sheet
> only has 125 or so? If it's just too much I understand that, but I
> don't understand the misreporting of the number.

Sorry, I don't understand this question, was this something on the
video? A counter in Vassal is not just drawn and then left there, it is
being constantly refreshed and redisplayed as you make changes or move
the display. Each refresh requires ever trait to be visited and
reassessed to see if anything has changed and then the counter image is
rebuilt and redisplayed. So the 'couple of thousand checkboxes' being
reported is probabably the 125 being reported 10 or 20 times each.

> I had half the ships boxes done before it started slowing down. The
> last half is what ground it to a halt jumping from a 3 second delay to
> 40 seconds or more.

The problem is exponential. Small numbers of traits are fine, but after
a critical point the problem becomes rapidly worse faster and faster.

Here's an option that might help you reduce the boxes. Is the position
of the X's within a category important? If not, then replace the 16
checkbox layers in the Shield # 1 set (for example) by 1 single trait
with 17 layers, each layer having one more checkbox displayed.


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