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skarper andy.mallory at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 19:50:10 CEST 2015

To be honest even if you find one what you are looking for is easily
built. You'd have all that in 2-3 hours.

For sea texture snap a picture from google earth or similar then scale
it to fit your maps.

Range finders are easy to put in as an option.

Angle I'd use a circular piece that rotates 360 facings - or you could
just use an overlay with arcs marked on.

Your pieces can have 'move fixed distances' traits and turn thru so many
degrees. You can combine these with triggers so you destroyers turn and
move in nice circles. I think you could have them leave wakes too if you
fancy that.

VASSAL is really meant to replace a board and counters [though it could
replace a tabletop set up] rather than supplement it. I'm dubious what
benefits will accrue from having a VASSAL module if you are going to be
using your ship models on the tabletop anyway.

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