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lancerunolfsson lancerunolfsson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 18:36:42 CEST 2015

Thanks that F SB SG makes sense now. 

I hope you do not have any problems setting up your audio.

Let me know when you are ready. I was hoping you had the rules down but
looks like we are both learning. So maybe is best we wait till I have a
book on hand  So that will put us on next week. 

Just for fun the DBM (so there fore multiple DBA armies of) I have

Midianite Arab

New Kingdom Egyptian

Assyrian later Sargonid


Greek Hoplite

Later Achmenied Persian

Enough stuff to do any Macedonian army

Polyibian Roman

A load of Late Romans so several armies there

Hopefully if we start playing and I learn the rules will inspire me to
at least paint up DBA armies from the ton of unpainted stuff I have
lying around. I have a regular Saturday games night at my house with 2-4

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