[messages] [Module Design] Blank map window all of a sudden - why?

Broadsword56 ginaworks4u at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 00:41:24 CEST 2015

In a module I made, I had an at-start-stack on a map board background,
and the board is activated by a button.
It worked, and the board an stack showed up and could be manipulated OK.
Now I've edited the board background artwork and re-uploaded it to the
board's properties.
I've also edited both pieces in the at-start-stack, and re-uploaded them
to their respective piece properties.
I saved, then quit, then relaunched Vassal and have launched the module.
I start a new game. On the toolbar, there's my button to open the map
window. I click it, and I get a white window instead of my background
What's strange is when I go into edit mode and edit the board's
properties with "position stack," I see my new background and I can
slide my stack around on it just fine.
And when I open the properties of my pieces, I see my new artwork just
fine, too.
It's only when I try to open that board in-game that they fail to show
up, and I see only the blank white window.
What did I do wrong?

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