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Tim McCarron timothy.mccarron at sbcglobal.net
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Try the page where you deleted the text that said it is the publishers wishes to keep certain cards blank. The information you needed was right there. Deleting it doesnt magically change things like it never was so.
We are not representatives for the publishers but we do follow there directives when they contact us. In some case they contact the actual mod developers or the mod developer has contacted the publisher and also relayed those wishes.
In any case we post what is and isnt allowed in the module information section when it is of a blanket nature  (i.e modules by publisher not allowed) or otherwise on the actual module page in question if  something unique to that module - as was the case for your situation

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I am trying to find where the Vassal development team is storing these
policies or the notifications from the publishers. Hard to do
development here blindly without knowing the "rules".


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