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photographtheverb films at photographtheverb.com
Thu Jun 4 04:25:13 CEST 2015

Thanks for the quick response. I did a workaround today but still want
to try something like you suggested. After playing the game in Vassal
here are the things I need:

1:The transparency would be a piece that sits overtop the (greenish) map
graphic and can move into 3 different positions. Easy enough.

2:The arrows and numbers don't change or move. I do need to be able to
click on the arrow to change text beneath it and also a command that
allows me to add a small yellow graphic next to the arrow. How would a
multi-function invisible button on the arrows work? 
I'm familiar with typical war-game counters that have 3-3-6 factors etc.
You are saying that on one of these pieces I could create an invisible
command area (over say the 6) that would allow me to edit a text label
and add a yellow band around the piece? So right-clicking the "6" could
give me these options but right-clicking elsewhere on the piece could
give me different options? I've only made pieces that have one graphic
and change with layers via the right-click menu. I didn't know you could
essentially put "zones" on the counters that give you different commands
when right clicking.

3: I need to be able to drag-move a soccer ball graphic across the
transparency to put it next to the different arrows. Would I just use
the "does not stack" command on these to have additional pieces move
around on the piece. However, the ball graphic needs to move with the
Real life example:
I am holding a sheet of glass over top a map. I need to be able to put
on/take off quarters and dimes from the glass. When the quarters and
dimes are on the glass, they need to stay put while I move the piece of
glass around over the map.

Example was so I could be clear. I'm sure you know what I'm talking
about but trying to think of pieces on top of pieces is making my head

Thanks again for the response!

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