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Fuelled by the effect of the first year of a new transmitted rights
pattern, Leading Team groups produced history income of £3.26 billion
dollars in 2013/14 – up 29% on 2012/13 – according to the Twenty
fourth Yearly Evaluation of Soccer Fund from the Activities Company Team
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The average income for a Leading Team team in 2013/14 was £163m –
just £7m less than the mixed earnings of the 22 First Department groups
in 1991/92; the final year before the release of the Leading Team.

Dan Jackson, Partner in the Activities Company Team at Deloitte,
explained: “The effect of the Leading League’s transmitted cope is
clear to see. Broadcast income improved by £569m in 2013/14,
bookkeeping for 78% of the overall development in income in the Leading
Team. Ongoing development in both professional and matchday income
assisted Leading Team clubs’ mixed earnings achieve £3.26 billion
dollars – a incredible improve of £735m contrary to the year
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“In 2013/14 even the Leading Team team receiving the least from
household league transmitted withdrawals gained more from this source
than all but five other Western groups. Following recent reports of
professional offers for a variety of the biggest groups, we expect the
Leading Team to exceed the Bundesliga in professional income conditions
and hence lead the world in all three key income groups from 2014/15.”

Other key results of the Deloitte Yearly Evaluation of Soccer Fund 2015

The ‘big five’ Western leagues’ mixed earnings increased by 15% to
€11.3 billion dollars in 2013/14, with the Leading Team more than
€1.6 billion dollars higher than the next-highest revenue-generating
league, Germany’s Bundesliga, which produced €2.3 billion;
The Leading Team exceeded the Bundesliga as Europe’s most successful
league. Clubs in France’s Ligue 1, by comparison, produced a mixed
working lack of €140m, €137m worse than 2012/13;
Manchester United produced an all-time history working benefit of
£117m, while Tottenham Hotspur documented the highest-ever pre-tax
benefit, of £80m;
Despite no new stadia starting for the first year since 2004/05, capital
expenses by British football’s 92 league groups totalled £280m,
comprising the highest-ever stage of financial commitment in stadia and
Total exchange expenses for the 92 British Team groups in 2013/14 lead
£1 billion dollars for initially, a history which has already been
exceeded by exchange activity in the 2014/15 season;
Premier Team groups decreased their complete stage of net financial debt
by 6% to £2.4 billion dollars, (of which over two-thirds is
non-interest bearing) benefitting from a rise in cash levels out. Nine
groups improved their net debt/funds position over the course of the
year, with Collection, Aston Apartment and Tottenham Hotspur responsible
for a mixed reduction of £205m in net debt;
Total owner financial commitment at both Several weeks and Birmingham
City lead £1 billion dollars at each team since their specific
The Government’s tax take from the top 92 professional football groups
in 2013/14 was around £1.4 billion dollars.

Premier league groups also made a mixed working benefit of £614m, up
from £82m in 2012/13, and an complete pre-tax benefit of £187m – the
first since 1998/99. This was almost four times greater than the
previous history of £49m, set way back in 1997/98.

Jones said: “Premier Team groups also revealed comparative constraint
with regards to salary expenses, with less than 20% of their income
development being consumed by salary expenses. Indeed, the Leading
League’s salaries to income rate decreased to 58% (from 71%) in
2013/14, the smallest it has been since the 1998/99 year. The current
transmitted cope also comes as cost control rules, at both household and
Western stage, have triggered many groups to control in their spending
comparative to the income they are now capable of producing. The end
result has been a amazing turn-around in productivity.”

In the Tournament, overall income improved by 12% to £491m, however,
groups keep pay more in salaries (£518m) than they gained in income.
The wages/revenue rate in the second level was 105% in 2013/14, contrary
to 106% in 2012/13. This led to working failures of £222m and a mixed
pre-tax lack of £247m.

Adam Fluff, Mature Advisor in the Activities Company Team at Deloitte,
commented: “Championship groups keep provide some worrying financial
results. As the desire of individual groups to achieve the guaranteed
land of the Leading Team is easy to understand, and increased given the
value of the new transmitted offers, The Soccer Team is right to try and
ensure this is not at the price of the long-term durability of any

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