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I have a board and a deck of cards set up in each player's hands.  The
cards have text on them which the players will need to read.  The
players also need to play them out on the board face down until they are
revealed.  Some of the players in the game will need to be able to place
down several cards.

All these cards on the board takes up a lot of room on the board and
therefore the screen.

In order to achieve this, I see two options:
1. Have a massive board and cards, which will make the file size huge
2. Have cards made smaller when face down on the board (effectively
zoomed out) but on mouseover and zoom view appears, the hover image is
shown at 100% so the card text is readable

I don't like option 1.  I'd prefer option 2 but if it's not feasible
then I need to suffer the huge file size.  Would anyone be able to point
me in the right direction to achieve option 2?

__TL;DR__ - Is it possible to zoom some or all game pieces independently
of the board being played on?


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