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Foobarius alter.alter.ego at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 27 04:30:56 CEST 2015

Yes, SVG does work in Vassal, and vector graphics scale nicely. But SVG
files can contain both images and vector graphics - putting an image in
a format like PNG or JPEG into an SVG file won't automatically convert
the image into vector graphics; it's still a raster image.

The point I was making above is that you can embed an image into SVG at
whatever scale you want, so that you can put a high-resolution image
into a small piece. This will zoom in clearly, because the zoomed view
is just showing the image at its actual resolution. However, it sounds
like Doofie didn't need to do this. Scaling up a PNG or JPEG often works
well enough, even if it becomes a little fuzzy.

Using vector graphics is usually more effort. Instead of scanning or
photographing the piece, you recreate it entirely yourself in a tool
like Inkscape (I haven't tried using Gimp for this). If you want to show
some text, for example, you have to type it in yourself. But it will
look sharp at any scale.

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