[messages] [Module General Discussion] Who did the "The Next War" module?How did he get permission

ForAiur normandanner at mac.com
Sat Jun 27 08:40:59 CEST 2015

Hi guys, I just saw the "The Next War" mod, and in the description the
person that did it writes "I got permission from ... to do this".

Could that person contact me? I bought "Fulda Gap" for a history class
and I would be interested to play it with the kids or let them play it
outside of school, so having the game in VASSAL or Tabletop Simulator
would be great. It would be really nice to get into contact with the
person that got permission to do this other mod by SPI.

I really don't understand the condition that SPI set:

___"I have received permission from Decision Games and Christopher
Cummins, the SPI copyrights holders, to publish The Next War Vassal
module only."___

What does "only" mean? Only for Vassal? Or that they will only ever
allow this one of their games to be ported?

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