[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Intitial Tiling Fails for Large Graphics (Maps)

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sat Jun 27 11:40:15 CEST 2015

Thus spake reg129:
> Hi,
> I ran the resource meter and it appears that the 740kB allocated memory
> is indeed max'ed out even though I have plenty of system memory left. 
> (See attached).

That's 740_000_ KB (i.e., about 720MB).

What are the dimensions of the image you were trying to tile?
> Another option is to load Java 6/7 for Vassal only but that is not
> recommended by Oracle for security reasons (Hobson's choice here...).

The warnings I've seen have to do with the web plugin (don't install
it) and sandboxing. They shouldn't affect you with VASSAL. 
> By the way, is this user account valid for Bugzilla as I can't seem to
> log in to report this problem but it says my account name already exists
> when I try to create it.

Yes, it is, but you can't log in at the moment because of a problem
we're strill trying to resolve from the system upgrade last week.


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