[messages] [Module General Discussion] Who did the "The Next War" module?How did he get permission

Richz99 rlee50 at sc.rr.com
Sun Jun 28 03:21:51 CEST 2015

I created the "The Next War" VASSAL Module.  At the time, I didn't
realize there was an issue posting SPI games to the VASSAL Library. 
Once I was finished with the initial version, I did my homework and
learned that Decision Games owned the copyright for old SPI games.  I
then heard that they weren't too keen on allowing VASSAL Modules for
these games to be shared.  I wrote up a short e-mail to Decision Games
(dgservice at earthlink.net[1]) requesting permission to post the file on
the VASSAL web site, and I expected a quick negative reply.  Instead,
they forwarded my request to Christopher Cummins, the owner of Decision
Games, and he replied with a simple "permission granted" about 10 days

The "only" in this sentence means that this is the only SPI game that I
have permission to share.

[1] mailto:dgservice at earthlink.net

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