[messages] [Module Design] Add game piece IDs to an existing module?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun Mar 1 23:44:38 CET 2015

Thus spake djsullivan:
> Hi - I maintain the VASL module and the "Refresh Counters" menu option
> is not supported, returning the following error:
> "The Refresher can only be used on modules and extensions saved under
> Vassal 3.0 or later that have GamePiece Ids allocated."
> Does anyone know how to add game piece IDs to an existing module so this
> works? 
If you look in the buildFile for a recent module, you'll find that each
VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot element in the XML has a gipd attribute
with a unique nonnegative integer value. (Each of those is important---
uniqueness is essential as is being an integer. You might be able to get
away with using a negative integer, but just don't.)

If you look in the VASL 6.2.1 buildFile you'll see that you already have
gpid attributes on all of the piece slots... So, that's not your problem.

When you see this message, do you have extensions loaded? If so, which


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