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Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Mon Mar 2 00:32:54 CET 2015

Thus spake bthanse:
> If I saving a vlog, and have done some move wrong, is there a way to
> edit the vlog, or correct the move if I have taken a lot of moves before
> I see the wrong move?

There is. You could:

1. Load the bad vlog.
2. Start a new log.
3. Step through the bad log until just before the bad move.
4. Close the new log.
5. Step to the bad move.
6. Start a second new log.
7. Step to the end of the bad log.
8. Close the second log.
9. Load the first new log.
10. Create a third new log.
11. Step to the end of the first new log.
12. Do a "Load Continuation" with the second new log.
13. Step to the end of the second new log.
14. Save the third new log.

The third new log will be like the bad log, but with the bad move
spliced out.

> If I play a game over more days, and save a vlog every day to I have
> ended the game, is there a way to go on with the first saved vlog, or do
> I have to make a new vlog every time I start the vassal ?  
> Why use vsave when vlog do a lot more ?  :?:

This is what "Load Continuation" is for, but you might find having to
step through so many moves tedious.


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