[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Very slow response

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Mar 3 12:29:42 CET 2015

Thus spake "Tim McCarron":
> For fun I did the ICMP and TCP traces as well as a ping (all below) -
> nothing looks out of the ordinary to me either speed wise, yet I can't even
> get in to a subforum right this very second on the website (just hanging.)
> even though the traces look good. Almost like the server just isn't
> responding even though we are connecting
I'm certain the problem is not on our end---we've had no configuration
changes, no high loads, no unusual traffic. What everyone who's reported
this as a probelm has in common is that they're in the US. It also looks
like everyone who's said either has AT&T as their ISP or has an ISP which
routes through AT&T (as Tim's does).

I'd like to see some traceroutes from people in the US who are _not_
having a problem. My guess is that that their route to our server will
be the same from Telia onward, as that's the transatlantic part of the
trip, which would make it unlikely that Telia's backbone is part of the
problem---and my guess is also that none of them will be routing through
Where geographically are you guys who are having a problem? From looking
up the thread, I see CA, MI, and TX.


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