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Tue Mar 3 20:54:00 CET 2015

"uckelman" wrote:
> Thus spake "dott.Piergiorgio":
> > I monitor the Vassal module's evolution, and I'm rather perplexed
> about
> > the recently-established policy of allowing permission to publish
> > modules only without the charts.
> To whose policy are you referring?
> -- 
> J.

I noticed that many modules recently released of new or fairly new
wargames (let's say, of 2010-14 vintage) has all but the charts & CRTs.
I guess is a sort of policy consensus and/or gentlemen's agreement
between wargame and module authors, and albeit I somewhat understand
author and publishers's wishes, I think this can potentially damage the
wargame market.

Personally what I like to try before buying are the rules, because what
matters for me is how to insert the inevitable scores of house rules,
variant and general frankensteining (and incidentally, this imply that
the lack of charts don't impair much my potential "unauthorized
playing"... but I'm mature enough to don't delve in that piracy nonsense
& partisanship) and is no wonders that a good chunk of my wargaming
orders are to GMT (and other companies publishing living rules)

But few people are grognards AND military historians like me (aside
living with 8 or so cats...) and generally the lacking of charts and
CRTs for recent wargames don't impair the use of Vassal as virtual board
to ordinary buyers, but I think impair the _prospective_ buyer's
decisions, for the reasons explained. in my initial post.

In other words, I look outside the confines of Vassal and into the
general niche market of wargaming, and I notice the danger of a wrong
(from my perspective) marketing trend. the general (and very big) media
& entertainment industry is heavily poisoned by manglers (ab)using
piracy for scapegoating flops and unrealistic sell projection. but the
wargaming industry, as a small, if not tiny, niche market, I fear can't
survive this type of poisoning.

OTOH, Vassal can be a perfect venue for innovations and new ideas into
this niche industry. One can test ideas with it, and even publish a
module embodying the innovations/ideas, and get feedback crucial for
deciding about forming a startup company... 

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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