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revans randy_evans at pobox.com
Wed Mar 4 02:06:20 CET 2015

I am coming from Georgia and mine is currently running like a broke leg
dog. 7:50 Easter Time US, March 3, 2015. 


"uckelman" wrote:
> Thus spake "Tim McCarron":
> I'd like to see some traceroutes from people in the US who are _not_
> having a problem. My guess is that that their route to our server will
> be the same from Telia onward, as that's the transatlantic part of the
> trip, which would make it unlikely that Telia's backbone is part of
> the
> problem---and my guess is also that none of them will be routing
> through
> AT&T.
> Where geographically are you guys who are having a problem? From
> looking
> up the thread, I see CA, MI, and TX.
> -- 
> J.

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