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FMAlanbrooke vakarr at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 4 10:21:09 CET 2015

Hi, I have mostly finished the initial (digitising everything) stage of
creating a Vassal module of the 1st edn of _Britain Stands Alone_. I
have also added more counters, variants and scenarios (and a few
corrections). However I have not made a Vassal module before so if
anyone is interested in assisting with this project, please let me know.
  I hope I have not picked something too complex!  One concern I have is
that My game files are about 97 Mb uncompressed at the moment, and the
modules on the web site rarely exceed 20 Mb.  Some is due to duplication
and discards but I am hoping that getting Vassal to generate the
counters instead of using my scanned ones will reduce the file size???

I have included the following possible changes/additions:

Additional Counters


Army: Railway Guns, Commandos, Corps HQ, GHQ, slower movement for some
Navy: Curacoa (CL), Cairo (CL), Furious (CV), Submarine Flotilla,
Edinburgh (CA), Belfast (CA), Operation Lucid Fireships.
Air Force: Hurricane, Whitley, Hampden, Blenheim Fighter, Battle,
Operation Banquet bombers, (plus maybe Short Sunderland, Avro Anson,
Hudson, Beaufort)
Other Counters: Gas!

Army: Jager symbol, Rocket Artillery, Artillery Command 106, Corps HQs,
Army HQs, Army Group HQs, Marine battalion
Navy: Scharnhorst (BC), Graf Spee (CR), Graf Zeppelin (CV)
Air Force: Do 17, Fieseler 156 Storch, He 115, (plus maybe DFS 230, He
123, Do 18, Fw 200 Condor)
Reinforcements and Replacements also include withdrawals and sinkings
and the above

Navy: Atlantic Submarine Group
Air Force: SM 79, G.50
Reinforcements and Replacements include the above

DD counters of variable strength, some better than British DDs
Some Army units having slower movement points e.g. no motorisation of
follow-up infantry divisions
Invasion fleets- Prahms and transports have better defence
Jager rules for the two Jager divisions
Artillry Command 106 - bombarding ships from the north
Landings by Storch

DD counters of variable strength
Army counters having different movement points -- transport was not at
100% and was unevenly distributed
 Reinforcements and Replacements also include withdrawals and sinkings
(e.g. sent to Dakar)
Operation Banquet, operation Lucid

Map: shows fortification/stop lines and some escarpments
Weather: can use "historical" weather
More variants and a 1941 scenario
possibly some mine warfare - having to lay, defend, and maintain the

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