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Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Mar 4 12:28:58 CET 2015

Thus spake FMAlanbrooke via messages:
> Hi, I have mostly finished the initial (digitising everything) stage of
> creating a Vassal module of the 1st edn of _Britain Stands Alone_. I
> have also added more counters, variants and scenarios (and a few
> corrections). However I have not made a Vassal module before so if
> anyone is interested in assisting with this project, please let me know.
>   I hope I have not picked something too complex!  One concern I have is
> that My game files are about 97 Mb uncompressed at the moment, and the
> modules on the web site rarely exceed 20 Mb.  Some is due to duplication
> and discards but I am hoping that getting Vassal to generate the
> counters instead of using my scanned ones will reduce the file size???

If you want smaller files from scans, the key is to clean up your scans.

Say you have a piece with a visually uniform green background. A scan of 
hat will not have a uniform color for a variety of factors, such as
sensor noise, scanning technique, and variations in the printing and
paper which your eyes smooth out. What you want to be a large area of
one shade of green---highly compressible---ends up as a large area of
many slightly different shadest of green---not very compressible---and
you end up with much larger files as a result.


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