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stebas steve_caruthers at yahoo.it
Wed Mar 4 14:23:36 CET 2015

Hello boys...
I live in Italy (Florence) and in the Seventies and Eighties (I have
grey hair...) I was a fan of boardgames and I realize also two or three
(I speak of strategy air-naval scenarios), then, with the advent of the
computer, I abandoned paper maps , markers and pencils to devote myself
to what's new offering technology.
But now, without disregarding the PC (I'm especially enjoy with flight
simulation and war strategy games) I'm rediscovering old games and I
dusted off the boxes titles such as Midway, Flight Leader, Harpoon,
Normandy, Afrika Korps and others.
Searching the internet I discovered Vassal and it intrigued me.
I loaded, for example, the module Midawy and it's really interesting.
However, despite knowing the original rules of boargame, I find it
difficult to carry them on Vassal and playing Midway (first as solitaire
and then possibly with a my friend).
I would like to know if there is a manual of the game (Midway for
Vassal, I mean, I have the paper manual), to understand how to move the
ships, how to position planes in the CV, haow to ready airplanes, how do
reconnaissance, how conduct air strikes or naval battles etc. in short,
as you develop the game in the various stages of the battle.
The better thing would be a step-by-step tutorial.

Thank you for the attention, Steve.

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